P.C.F. Coaching Training


The most effective and efficient form of business coaching


Learn to safely accompany or control future-oriented transformation as a long-term process


Learn to move safely in systemically interdependent socio-cultural processes


Learn to recognize the risks in transformation processes at an early stage and to make them as calculable as possible

Quality and flexibility


Supported online by state-of-the-art teaching methods and personal support

10 Modules

Education and training in 10 different subject areas


Maximum flexibility in the course of training


Control transformation in-house or externally with the PCF philosophy

The coaching process



Self-analysis on the topic of performance culture and personality


Coach Selection

Selection from one of three proposed coaches


Get to know Coach

Checking the accuracy of fit between coach and coachee


Coaching Sessions

60-minute coaching sessions flexible in terms of schedule



Renewed self-analysis for result controlling


The 10 teaching modules

BDO Competence

Leadership competence

Methodological competence

Organizational competence

Personality competence




Social skills


Persuasion skills

Basic economic knowledge

Online Academy

Processing of the teaching modules of our online academy on any browser-enabled device


Any questions?

1. Is professionalism offered all around?

Yes, we offer professionalism at the highest level. Our quality standards are convincing. Long-standing experienced coaches of various academic trainings and university professors are your supervisors during the training under the coordination of Prof. (AM) Dr. Wolfang Saaman. Wolfgang Saaman is an entrepreneur, author, management diagnostician and coach since coaching has existed in Germany. At the same time, he is the founder of the value-based performance culture and various procedures derived from it. He is also personally available to answer any questions you may have throughout your training. This is possible because we are not a mass enterprise and do not aspire to one.

2. How forward-looking is the training?

The training qualifies you to become a certified PCF coach (Performance Culture Focus). The foundations for this have been laid by Wolfgang Saaman and are laid by the association “Leistungskultur e. V.” promoted and constantly developed. The association also certifies your certificate. As a PCF coach, you clearly set yourself different from other coaches. With the Performance Culture Focus, you offer your clients today what will be irreplaceable tomorrow. Not only in everyday professional life, but also in the private sphere of life, because both are closely related.

“Performance culture” is understood to mean the state in an organization (company, institute, authority, association) in which performance is the purpose for maintaining existence and culture is the breeding ground for the fulfillment of purpose. This is of fundamental importance for all organizations and is not disputed by the HR managers responsible there as well as managers. In reality, however, many companies are still far from this state. For a consistently lived performance culture, declarations of intent are not enough. Even if they are anchored in a target image or mission statement. One can only speak of a value-based performance culture if it is consistently lived from the top to the base. This is hardly achievable without appropriate coaching. And this is exactly where the added value of PCF coaching comes in, for which you will be qualified with the training.

In the context of performance culture, “value-based” means that at least the appreciation of the human being as a top performer in an organization must be the focus, and even more, must be tangible for those affected. The fact that companies can only exist in international competition with top performance is not a new finding. This requires the performance motivation of every person in the company. Not only those of those responsible for management. Only when people experience the surrounding culture within the organization as trouble-free and motivating, they intuitively give their best. Giving their best – most people do this automatically in the exercise of their hobbies. It goes without saying that the performance motivation of the people involved in an organization pays off in a performance-enhancing way. However, the values of a performance culture also include a commitment to professionalism, responsibility, commitment and entrepreneurial aspirations. You will learn all this and more in your training as a PCF coach. This gives you an advantage over a coach without this specific know-how.

3. What is special about the training?

The special feature of the training is a modular and practical training that could not be more contemporary. You determine your own learning times. There is no training company that binds you on schedule. You do not have to invest additionally in travel costs and lose little usable travel time. You will enjoy a full online education with your personal login for a platform with all materials and an upload option for the edited exercises. In addition, you will be personally accompanied in your learning process. Online. Our office is available from Monday to Friday between 09.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Supervisors are also there for you outside these hours if you make an appointment in advance.

4. Are state-of-the-art methods of learning support offered?

Yes, you will experience state-of-the-art methods to support your learning success. Each of a total of 10 teaching modules consists of the following components:

  • Compact script
  • Instructional video
  • Audio
  • Practical exercises
  • Self-analysis based on the FAI (Freiburg Agility Inventory 2.0) and the SPA (Self-Control and Personality Analysis)

In addition, an online connection to a supervisor is ensured.

5. Does the training conclude with an exam, do you become a certified coach?

The training concludes with a modular examination. Here, too, you will be offered the greatest possible flexibility. There is no fixed examination date on which all participants have to appear at any location. If you have completed the first teaching module and feel fit for the exam, the exam for this teaching module will be arranged individually with you. The examination time is a maximum of 20 minutes. This is how you proceed with all other teaching modules. You determine the sequence of processing yourself. If you fail one of these ten partial exams, you can retake the exam for a small fee of 100 euros. If you do not pass this exam either, nothing stands in the way of a new repetition. However, you can also first be tested with the material of another teaching module. On the one hand, we make sure that the PCF coaches tested and certified by us are highly professional in the market. On the other hand, we do everything in our power to ensure that you get through the ten exams safely and at the end receive the certificate of a certified PCF coach from the association “Leistungskultur e. V.”.

6. Who certifies the training institute or a neutral body disconnected from it?

In part, the question is who is certified already answered. At this point, we would like to explain why training and certification are strictly separated. The training is carried out by audited partner companies with teaching qualification of the association. The association does not pursue any economic interests. It is neutral and objective. It also does not charge a certification fee. Due to the statutes, the board, committees and members of the association “Leistungskultur e. V.” have an interest in maintaining and expanding the ideas around the value-based performance culture founded by Wolfgang Saaman and the associated certifications of individuals (PCF-Coach, PCF-Transformer) and organizations (performance culture*, performance culture**, performance culture***, Best Dynamic Organization). As a certified PCF coach, you will become a member of the association for two years. After that, you can decide to remain a member or to leave the association. You will not suffer any disadvantages as a result of a possible withdrawal.

7. How is the teaching material structured?

The ten teaching modules are subdivided according to the following subject areas

  • Leadership competence
  • Basic mediative knowledge
  • Methodological competence
  • Personality competence
  • Basic psychological knowledge
  • Self-control competence
  • Sensitivity
  • Social skills
  • Self-reflection
  • Basic economic knowledge

Each teaching module comprises between 10 and 15 DIN A 4 pages and, depending on your learning speed and your time investment, must be processed within one month, including the exercises contained therein. However, there are no specifications as to the time in which a teaching module must be worked on. The subject matter does not require any special previous knowledge of the individual topics. Anyone who has already taken certain topics during their studies or otherwise learned will probably not have to deal with this teaching module so intensively. In the exam, only the material from the teaching module is queried.

These ten teaching modules require a certain basic knowledge or experience with coaching or as a consultant. Anyone who starts at the very beginning, i.e. enters the field of coaching or consulting anew, receives an orientation from us, where he can acquire the basic knowledge about order clarification, legal questions of offer and order design and other basics.

8. Do the specified training costs include all services or are there hidden ancillary costs?

The stated training costs include all services. There are no hidden utilities. These include the components listed in answer to question 4 as well as the examination fee to be paid to the contractual partner carrying out the training. A certification fee of the association “Leistungskultur e. V.” is omitted. It is included in the two-year membership of the association, which can be terminated at the end of the second year.

9. Is it possible to test the quality of training?

Yes, you can test the training on the basis of a single teaching module. In addition, you get an insight into an excerpt of one of the ten teaching modules and a sample of the corresponding instructional video.

10. How much does the training cost in total and is there a possibility to reduce the cost of training?

For the training to become a certified PCF coach, a total of 4,900 euros plus 19% total. VAT to invest. This means that all the services described above are compensated. As a certified PCF coach you become a member of the association Leistungskultur e. V. For the first two years, the membership fee for the association is included in the training costs. At the end of the two years, membership can be awarded for a membership fee of 50 Euro/month plus 19% total. VAT can be extended or terminated by one year at a time.

If you do not pass one or more (out of a total of ten) individual examinations, you can repeat them as often as you like. For each repetition, a fee of 100, – Euro plus 19 % total is charged per failed individual examination. VAT.

11. Who can register for the training?

The training is suitable for already active external or internal coaches, consultants, trainers who want to expand their professionalism or get to know a method that gives them an exclusive status. The training is also suitable for managers, HR managers or other specialists.

For beginners, the training is suitable if they can prove a completed degree (or equivalent training) and two years of professional experience.

After completion of the training, the participant will be awarded the PCF COACH certificate by the Leistungskultur e. V.

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