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We are passionate about changing companies. For us, change knows only one direction: to make good things better.

 Performance can be developed most safely on the nurturing ground of a healthy corporate culture. At no time was the desire to increase performance through pressure a sustainably successful model. The culture of a company without wanting to optimize a direct link to performance is going nowhere. Our understanding of a forward-looking performance culture is based on a consistent approach to growth: Growing of personality. Growing of social competence. Growing in mastery of methods. Growing in the quality of social interaction in the organization.

Performance culture…


strengthens the result orientation of your employees by culturally anchoring performance awareness and the will to perform!


causes a high identification of the employees with your company!


promotes the lived responsibility of all employees!


dynamizes your organization as a whole and promotes innovation!


enables relaxed management!


strengthens the attractiveness of your company as an employer!

Performance from culture – how to turn “employees” into best performers by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Saaman

Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden 2012, ISBN 978-3-8349-3404-8

Milestones: performance culture, fluid organization, human image, leadership psychology

Performance culture in the focus of digital transformation – machines do not take responsibility

Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden 2017, ISBN 978-3-658-19796-4

Milestones: Digital transformation, cultural change, leadership

Abstract on the study performance culture

In cooperation with the Institute of Psychology at the University of Würzburg, as a master’s thesis with our former intern Jochen Schöpflin, SAAMAN AG conducted a study on the topic of “Performance Culture” between December 2015 and April 2016.

 “Performance culture” refers to a performance-enhancing corporate culture that is based on humanistic values on the one hand and has a performance orientation on the other. In order to define the construct “performance culture” in terms of content, a preliminary survey was carried out on prototypical ideas of it, through which the content aspects could be defined. A qualitative content analysis revealed six aspects: “trust and responsibility”, “employee orientation”, “innovation orientation”, “constructive cooperation”, “success orientation” and “clarity of strategy and expectations”.

 In a second study, a questionnaire was constructed that included these aspects and also recorded the financial success of a company. In an online survey, this questionnaire was tested on 230 persons from different companies and its suitability with regard to the quality criteria was confirmed. This provided a comprehensive picture of the characteristics of performance-enhancing corporate culture in organizations and allowed performance culture to be considered in relation to the size of the company, the economic sector and the professional position of the respondents. “Performance culture and financial success of companies correlated significantly positively”, according to the result (r = .47).

 The empirical results of the study have thus shown for the first time statistically that a performance-enhancing orientation of the corporate culture (performance culture) is actually related to the economic success of a company.

The study can be found as unpublished master thesis: Schöpflin, J. (2016). Performance-enhancing corporate culture. Construction and testing of the performance culture test. Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg.

How do I implement performance culture in my company?

Our ideas of a performance culture of a new format are based on experience and a wealth of ideas. We know that every client has his own ideas about how much change must and may be.

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