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By changing, we can change companies.

This is how our performance culture developed into the Perfomence.Culture.Focus model.

Performance can be developed most safely on the breeding ground of a healthy corporate culture. Wanting to increase performance over pressure was never a sustainably successful model. The culture of a company without wanting to optimize a direct connection to performance misses the reality. Our understanding of performance culture is associated with focused growth thinking: growth of the personality. Growth of social skills. Growing by mastering methods. Growing the quality of social interaction in the organization. Growing in the ability to perceive important things in a focused manner in order to be able to do the right thing with focused determination.

  • Why do you experience people in the exercise of their hobby as best or top performers? Because they feel motivated there and can play to their potential.
  • Leaders make the best contribution to the motivation of their employees if they take care to avoid frustration among leaders. If they also sharpen their eye for the potential of their employees, use them as far as possible and let them act according to their strengths, leaders and leaders are ideal designers of a performance culture in the social near field.
  • This is how the performance of people in the world of work develops best. In a performance culture, everyone has a personal responsibility. The leaders for the quality of their leadership, the employees for the quality of their actions.

Performance culture is …


Performance: tackle, act, work, create, make, commit, get involved, move, shape, align, advance, drive, result, satisfaction, development


Culture: forming, cultivating values, human, ethical, moral, manners, morality, social, appreciation, celebrating success, human, satisfaction of needs, protection, security, belonging, identification, order

Abstract on the performance culture study

In cooperation with the Institute of Psychology at the University of Würzburg, SAAMAN SOLUTION conducted a study on the topic of “performance culture”.

“Performance culture” refers to a performance-promoting corporate culture that is based on humanistic values on the one hand and has a performance orientation on the other. In order to define the content of the construct “performance culture”, a preliminary survey was carried out on prototypical ideas about it, through which the content aspects could be defined. A qualitative content analysis revealed the six aspects “Trust and Responsibility”, “Employee Orientation”, “Innovation Orientation”, “Constructive Cooperation”, “Success Orientation” and “Strategy and Expectation Clarity”.

As part of a second study, a questionnaire was constructed that contains these aspects and also records the financial success of a company. As part of an online survey, this questionnaire was tested on 230 people from different companies and the suitability with regard to the quality criteria was confirmed. It was possible to provide a comprehensive picture of the characteristics of performance-enhancing corporate culture in organizations and to consider performance culture also depending on the size of the company, economic sector and professional position of the respondents. “Performance culture and financial success of companies correlated significantly positively,” according to the result (r = .47).

The empirical results of the study have thus shown for the first time statistically that a performance-promoting orientation of the corporate culture (performance culture) is actually related to the economic success of a company.

The study can be found as an unpublished master’s thesis: Schöpflin, J. (2016). Performance-enhancing corporate culture. Design and testing of the performance culture test. Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

Performance culture…


strengthens the result orientation of your employees by culturally anchoring performance awareness and the will to perform!


results in a high level of identification of employees with your company!


promotes the lived responsibility of all employees!


dynamizes your organization as a whole and promotes innovation!


allows relaxed leadership!


strengthens the attractiveness of your company as an employer!

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Performance culture in my company?

We contribute our approach of a forward-looking performance culture based on experience and inventiveness. We know that every company is unique and that every client has their own ideas about what change is wanted or required.

We are committed to this.

The client determines the limits within which our ideas of a new corporate world can come into their own.

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