Our cooperation partners

Leistungskultur e. V.

Primary partner for the following certifications:


  • PCF Coach
  • PCF Transformer

Companies, authorities, other organisations

  • Value-based performance culture
  • Best Dynamic Organization

Proceed GmbH

Clear vision – human, profitable, adaptable

Advice without template. This is how cultural change works today. Every starting point is suitable for departure. The colleagues at Proceed respect the culture of an organization as well as the desired one. For the transformation of a company, they develop an individual roadmap and, in common with those responsible for their company, lay the seeds of change. So that you can reap the rewards of smoother processes and more trusting cooperation at an early stage. In this way, you can promote your growth together with Proceed. Their experts see a forward-looking company as a powerful, profitable and adaptable organization.


Phasix – Lets innovation happen!

Phasix offers solution-focused and sustainable innovation through behavioral innovation management. With classical methods, radical changes in action are not possible. With the methods of Phasix, a strong conversion power is gained by adding energy.


TriRhena Consulting builds bridges

TriRhena offers interested students interdisciplinary cooperation and a diverse club life. The dedicated student consultants offer companies high-quality project performance in the areas of process management, marketing, research and controlling.

Forum Assessment e.V.

Forum Assessment e.V.

The Forum Assessment e.V., Forum for Personnel Selection and Development, is an association of specialists from business and public administration. For 40 years, the association has provided a forum to exchange, actively use and optimize scientific results and experiences in the field of personnel selection and development.

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