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As innovative consultants as well as experts for transformation and management diagnostics, we accompany companies with growth impulses on their way into the future.

From the sum of experience, we have developed various applications, of which we present some examples. Since every company is unique, we think tanks are used to rethinking with new clients. However, we are also familiar with implementing an application model that has already been developed tailored to your needs.

For more information, see Organization, Performance, Diagnostics. We are happy to work for you.


Phobic bosses
Sustainability and cultural change

Angelika Wernet


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You are welcome to contact Ms. Wernet regarding appointments, office management, seminar organization and applicant management.

You can reach Ms. Wernet by phone at 07664/61399-44 and by e-mail at om(at)

Angelika-Wernet - Commercial and Eastern European
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