Performance culture


Coach recommendation

PCF Coaching


Constructs to be grasped: performance culture, self-control, personality, motivation, role profile, coach recommendation

Prerequisite: Management function

Number of items: 172


Check-in and check-out each approx. 45 minutes self-assessment

First coaching session 60 minutes



  1. Goal and strategy clarity
  2. Result orientation
  3. Process clarity
  4. Quality
  5. Economy
  6. Adjustment speed
  7. Consequence


  1. Culture of values
  2. Culture of trust
  3. Leadership culture
  4. Error culture
  5. Conflict culture
  6. Learning culture
  7. Relationship culture

Self-control and personality

  1. Selbstbestimmt, self-determine
  2. Self-confident,gain self-confidence
  3. Energetic,activating
  4. Spontaneously,get involved
  5. Sensitive, Sharpen perception
  6. Self-critical,reflecting on yourself
  7. Be carefulto take a step back
  8. Integrative, Change perspective

    Objectives and content

    PCF stands for Performance Culture Focus oriented approach. The core elements of the value-based performance culture can be summed up in a simple denominator: performance from culture. This means that performance is geared towards consistent results orientation creates maximum effectiveness, culture understood as a nutrient for disturbance-minimized processes creates maximum efficiency. The coaching begins with a detailed check-in of your person. Based on this analysis, the coach will conduct a coaching session of 90 minutes with you, in which you will receive impulses on the performance culture.

    Evaluation report

    The evaluation report reproduces the following contents

    • Philosophy of performance culture
    • Impact of performance culture
    • General result of the performance culture index
    • Detailed result of the performance culture index
    • Your individual personality profile
    • Your individual self-control profile
    • Explanation Interaction personality and self-control
    • Your individual Motivation profile
    • Your individual role profile
    • Recommendation of a coach


    The PCF self-assessment (check-in) is carried out completely digitally. You will receive a one-time access link by e-mail after purchase. This link takes you directly to the test and can carry it out in your Internet browser. After the implementation, you will receive your evaluation report in PDF format by e-mail. You can then choose one of the recommended coaches in peace and then make an appointment with us for your coaching session of 60 minutes each. If you are satisfied with the coach, you are welcome to book the further sessions through us. Afterwards, the check-out will be carried out. The difference between your check-in and check-out reflects your personal optimization through coaching.

    If you need a larger license volume for several sessions or several people, please contact us at 07664/61399-44 or om(at)

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