We design the introduction of the Best Dynamic Organization (BDO), accompany this transformation process and ensure consistent implementation up to certification with Performance Culture Focus Coaching.

From the beginning of the implementation of the BDO, we exemplify result orientation. Together with you, we work out re-inferent in a preliminary project what should be realized by which time.

After all elements belonging to the BDO have been introduced in the implementation process, the new organization can be certified by Leistungskultur e. V. If certification is not required, sub-elements of the systemic organization BDO can also be implemented modularly.

The best organizational system for growth and future-proofing.

Challenges that we solve for you:

1. Unclear, complicated processes

Realignment of the organization

2. Uncertainty due to unexplained responsibility

Realignment of the organization

3. Not identifying the cause of the conflict

4. Misunderstand resistance


That’s why a dynamic, fast and results-oriented organization is the solution

The Best Dynamic Organization (BDO) is …



Systemically interactive thinking and acting



Recognizing and expanding potential


Sensitivity to disturbances and conflicts


Prioritization of responsibility



Re-inferent striving for results


Process and role descriptions reduced to the essentials

Rolling implementation every company is unique

  • Consistent focus on results (re-inference), innovative search for solutions instead of lengthy problem discussions

  • Highest possible adjustment mobility

  • Speed, safety, lightness in the foreground

  • Process descriptions reduced to key points that everyone understands

  • Transparency of processes and role responsibility

  • Leadership responsibility: Making guided people successful and letting them be

  • Responsibility for action: Results, goals and tasks with consistent action

  • Early recognition and elimination of disturbances (culture, processes, relationships)

  • Differentiation of problems and conflicts in order to solve conflicts effectively

  • Clearly defined values with a high degree of memory are bindingly lived

  • Full exploitation of potential

After completion of the training, the organization is awarded the BEST DYNAMIC ORGANIZATION certificate by the Leistungskultur e. V.

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