We will work with you to find the optimal manager

As early as 1978, our founder Wolfgang Saaman developed and implemented the first diagnostic procedures for large corporations and medium-sized companies in close cooperation with universities. Since then, through experience with thousands of top managers, middle executives, potential candidates and external and internal applicants, we have refined our measurement procedures to the point of reliable perfection.


Whether AC (Assessment Center), MEA (Management Excellence Appraisal), MA (Management Appraisal) or our procedures individually tailored to your particular application, in dealing with diagnostics we are a trustworthy service provider with a fine instinct and safe methods. Clients and candidates describe our procedures as “very high-quality and particularly accurate compared to other providers”.

But we also make the impact of socio-cultural soft facts in your company measurable. In addition to our three standard procedures FAI 2.0 (Freiburg Agility Inventory), LKS (Performance Culture Mirror) and SPA (Self-Control and Personality Analysis), you can use us at any time to develop a survey procedure specially tailored to your application or to calibrate your existing procedures.

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