Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Saaman

Founder and managing partner

Wolfgang Saaman in motion and moving


Wolfgang Saaman is both a theoretically well-founded application scientist and experienced practician. As a consultant, coach, trainer and innovative process developer, he knows how to win over a wide range of target groups. From the Dax group to smaller medium-sized companies.


Saaman offers a rich experience as business administrator, graduated business economist, doctor of psychology, certified psychotherapist and professor for performance culture. In 1977 he founded the Institute for Employee Development + Organizational Development (IEO). In 1978, he conducted the first independent Management Audit, which was followed by several thousand to date. In 1983, he became managing partner and chairman of Mummert + Partner Führungs- und Verhaltenstraining GmbH, a subsidiary of the then largest German management consultancy. Within 14 years of belonging to this company, as a partner of the entire group, he assumed further managerial functions, including as Managing Director of the holding company and as Chairman of the holding company of Meyer Mark Industrieberatung, a consulting firm registered in the commercial register as early as 1913 and thus the oldest German consulting firm. In 1984, he published his first reference book, which has been followed by another nine to date.


After leaving Mummert at the end of 1997, he founded the BERATERSOZIETÄT DR. SAAMAN, which he managed as SAAMAN CONSULTANTS from 2004 to 2019 in the legal form of a stock corporation as Chairman of the Executive Board. The present SAAMAN SOLUTION has been operating as a limited liability company since 2020, with Saaman as managing partner.


Wolfgang Saaman does not think about quitting for a long time yet. With sound know-how combined with inexhaustible future thinking, he is more in demand than ever. In the field of management diagnostics, there is probably no other active consultant in Germany with more experience than him. Developments such as the Management Excellence Appraisal (1980), the School of Personality (1999), the Performance Culture Mirror (2005), the Fluid Organization (2009), the Freiburg Agility Inventory (2018), the seminar Potential-Focused Leadership (2020) are directly linked to his name.


What strikes Saaman is his special feeling for the balance between what is necessary in the future and what is feasible today. He is an extremely attentive listener with an eye for detail. With his plain-text language, which is appropriate for the addressee, he is able to decipher and illustrate complex interrelationships for almost anyone. No matter whether he advises corporations and medium-sized companies in questions of organizational development, identifies the potential of applicants for top positions, accompanies personalities who have already come a long way or are still at the beginning of their careers as a coach. Saaman is a signpost who has gone the ways he shows himself.


He draws attention. But not to himself, but to the still untapped potential of those who confide in him.


He remains in memory. Some of his clients can still describe precisely what they have learned from him and how it has helped them in life after more than 20 years.


He opens. Himself for others. The other for his opportunities.


He wins. The attention of the other, which helps the other to become more attentive to himself.

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