Construct to be grasped: self-control, personality

Number of items: 93

Duration: approx. 30 minutes


  1. Selbstbestimmt, self-determine
  2. Self-confident,gain self-confidence
  3. Energetic,activating
  4. Spontaneously,get involved
  5. Sensitive, Sharpen perception
  6. Self-critical,reflecting on yourself
  7. Be carefulto take a step back
  8. Integrative, Change perspective

Objectives and content

The aim of the self-control and personality analysis (SPA) is to work out a precise self-image with which a more precise self-reflection can take place in the future.

The personality profile describes how people react spontaneously in situations, to new things or to other people. The more the profile shape expands outwards or inwards, the stronger or weaker this aspect is pronounced in the personality.

The personality traits in normal life situations as well as in stressful or stressful situations are presented.

In addition, the self-control ability is shown. Self-control supports the respective personality aspect. Self-controlling, the respective personality style can be adapted, so that people are by no means reduced to always react only as the profiles “personality” or “personality under stress” indicate.

The self-control profile represents the skills to deal with and cope with stressful, unfamiliar or unpleasant situations. The current stress experience at the time of the actual recording is depicted. Two types of current stress are distinguished:

Level of stress experienced (e.B stress due to a high workload or difficult projects)
Level of uncertainty experienced (e.B. stress due to discrepancies, current risks or uncertainties)

Evaluation report

The evaluation report reflects the following contents:

  • Content and structure
  • Explanation personality
  • Your individual personality profile
  • Explanation of self-control
  • Your individual self-control profile
  • Explanation Interaction personality and self-control
  • Tips for the further development of self-control
  • Tips for managing stress


The SPA is carried out completely digitally. You will receive a one-time access link by e-mail after purchase. This link takes you directly to the test and can carry it out in your Internet browser. After the execution, you will automatically receive your evaluation report in PDF format by e-mail within 30 minutes.

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