New management behavior. Less time required. Better management effect.

“What do you know about the leadership needs of your employees?” (Wolfgang Saaman)

 Demanding employees want to be led and not modelled. We do not need leadership models for leaders. We don’t need to think leadership for leaders, but from the employee’s perspective.


“Management needs methods – leadership lives on intuition.” (Saaman)

 Intuition in the context of leadership means: Developing a keen sense (also) of hidden potential, which employees are often not aware of themselves. The focus on the potentials, motivation and leadership needs of the individual employee ultimately saves time and increases the leadership effect.

 Dissatisfaction and disruptive feelings of the employees towards the management are performance killers and cost time. Therefore it is important to understand leadership from the bottom up. How much leadership does the individual person need to deliver the expected result?


“Those who demand high-performing employees must deliver high-performing leadership.” (Saaman)

 Nothing is more time-saving than potential-focused management. To master this perfectly is the goal of the training.

Focus and benefits of the training


  • Rigid management rules and management models are not sustainable. Sensitivity is required. Some employees seek a lot of orientation, others strive for a lot of freedom.
  • Potential-focused leadership means: seeing potential, managing motivation, having trust, understanding responsibility as the measure of all things.
  • The harder the times get, the softer leadership relationships have to be. This means: To meet the leadership needs of the employees, to lead them in the way the individual needs to achieve best or peak performance.
  • Who wants to lead must learn to see, hear and understand each of the employees. It depends on real attentiveness, serious appreciation, development of potential and freedom for motivation.
  • Nothing is more efficient than to design leadership from a results-oriented perspective: Lead by responsibility, by goal or by task? The mixture of all of these leads to time-consuming, inefficient uncertainty.
  • Leading groups and teams means coordinating ego worlds. Emotions, tensions, conflicts are realities that can be overlooked, but cannot be ignored.
  • Leadership includes the ability to change perspectives. If you want to lead, you have to learn to perceive and deal with performance obstacles, fears, blockades and longings.
  • We live in a time of increasing digitalization. This is precisely why analog leadership is more important than ever. Because mankind, like nature, functions in analog mode.
  • Potential-focused leadership not only saves time and money. It inspires the management culture and enables significantly better results.

Wolfgang Saaman is a business economist, psychologist (Dr. phil.), professor for performance culture, trained in psychotherapy, further education in group dynamics, TCI (Theme-Centred Interaction). Entrepreneur, management diagnostician and consultant for organizational development. Since 1998 head of SAAMAN GmbH (until 2019 SAAMAN AG). Publisher of two, author of eight books on leadership and organization.

Due to the current situation we are planning an online seminar in a new format


We will be happy to answer your questions at or on 0761 21680-0.


MY WAY is an online-based multi-part seminar series from SAAMAN SOLUTION. Behind MY WAY is a philosophy of life developed by Dr. Wolfgang Saaman, professor for performance culture, to increase self-confidence, self-assurance, self-control competence, conflict resolution and self-satisfaction of the participants in different life situations.


In 1990 MY WAY was offered as an effective learning model suitable for the time, which extended over 2 one-week seminar modules carried out at a secluded location under particularly active learning conditions in groups with a maximum of 8 participants.


The new MY WAY seminar series is offered exclusively in digital form and initially consists of 3 topic modules. The expansion to 10 modules is in the planning stage.


The first three building blocks of the online seminar series:

MY WAY to me

MY WAY to others

MY WAY as leader


For each module there is a free trial video of 2-3 minutes length to which everyone has access.

The learning video for each module is available for 21,- Euro. It contains 15 to 20 minutes of impulses and tasks to increase the learning success. A more in-depth online seminar with a duration of 2 to 3 hours can be booked for each topic at a price of 170,- Euro. A maximum of 5 other participants are connected to Prof. Wolfgang Saaman, who will answer questions about the teaching material, deepen topics, and provide for the exchange of suggestions and experiences. The participation in the seminar will be certified.


Participants of the seminar can book afterwards an individual online Coaching for 200 € per hour.


All information is inclusive of value added tax and is valid as special conditions until 31.12.2020.