The company was founded in January 1998 as BERATERSOZIETÄT DR. SAAMAN, the partnership became a public limited company in 2004, initially under the name SAAMAN CONSULTANTS, but soon simplified to SAAMAN. In 2017 the logo SAAMAN.AG was changed to SAAMAN SOLUTION. The reason for this was our working understanding, which has been maintained since the foundation, to have found the best solution for our customer at the end of a commissioned project.


New employees who came to us years ago described us as an innovative consulting firm. This does not make it easy for consultants who are familiar with a different understanding of consulting to integrate with us. That is why we are very selective when it comes to selecting new employees.


In addition, our four values provide a simple and clear orientation in dealing with each other. This applies to our salaried employees as well as to our freelancers. Our values also determine our actions for the client:

Clarity in the relationship.

We deal with each other openly, clarify unresolved issues or conflicts quickly, know how we can best complement each other as a team and are always aware of our role as a service provider.


Whether as organizational developers, management diagnosticians, trainers or coaches, we only take on assignments for which we have the highest level of know-how through training and experience.

Business ambition.

SAAMAN SOLUTION means that we subordinate processes to the pursuit of results. Among the many alternatives we find the one best solution, which we accompany until the safe implementation. For us, corporate success is to have created success for others.


In order for people to trust us, they have to be able to rely on us. We fight inconsistency wherever possible. We stand by our word. We consistently realize what we promised when we took on the contract.


We are looking for committed, ambitious personalities.

Is it because Freiburg is the city with the most hours of sunshine in Germany? In any case, people here not only like to go outdoors, they also think openly. That’s why we at SAAMAN SOLUTION don’t make a big deal out of pre-defined target agreements. We are looking for people who set their own goals and strive for them with consistency.


They are personalities whose self-confidence is fed by their competence. Open-minded characters who want to develop themselves permanently. Curious spirits who are passionate about challenges. Creative minds that do not think in labels. Good listeners, sensitive seismographs.


We are looking for the optimal reinforcement of our team. Here you can see which vacancies and opportunities we currently offer:

At present we have the following position to offer:

Senior Consultant/ Partner with management perspective (m/f/d)

Take the initiative

If you think that your profile fits our company, we would be pleased to receive unsolicited applications, even if we do not currently have any vacancies that match your background or wishes. Please send us your detailed application documents by e-mail or mail.


Angelika Wernet
Munzinger Straße 5 a
79111 Freiburg i. Br.


Thinking of growth

Our understanding of a future-oriented performance culture is based on consistent planning for growth.


Growing of personality.


Growing of social competence.


Growing in mastering methods.


Growing in the quality of social interaction in the organization.


Wachsen der Persönlichkeit.


Wachsen der Sozialkompetenz.


Wachsen im Beherrschen von Methoden.


Wachsen der Qualität des sozialen Miteinanders in der Organisation.

Cooperation partners

We cooperate with phasix Gesellschaft für Innovation mbH at the interface of performance culture and innovation.

Phasix – Making innovation happen!

Phasix offers solution-focused and sustainable innovation through behavioral innovation management. With classical methods radical changes in action are not possible. With the methods of Phasix a strong implementation power is gained by adding energy.

We cooperate with TriRhena Consulting e.V. at the interface between university and business.

TriRhena Consulting builds bridges

TriRhena offers interested students interdisciplinary cooperation and a diverse club life. The dedicated student consultants offer companies high-quality project services in the areas of process management, marketing, research and controlling.

Working Group Assessment Center e.V.

The Working Group Assessment Center e.V., Forum for Personnel Selection and Development, is an association of specialists from business and public administration. For 40 years, the association has provided a forum for the exchange, active use and optimization of scientific results and experience in the field of personnel selection and development.



Using the example of a medium-sized company whose founding managing director is going into well-deserved retirement after 25 years of extremely successful work, we described our challenge and the consulting assignment.

From internal and external applicants the successors are to be found who will continue the success story of the company without being second choice imitators. Who has the potential to renew the company and lead it into the future with clear growth prospects?

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A medium-sized media company has been experiencing a massive loss of customers for several years, and the shareholders are replacing the management. The new management uncovers various inconsistencies in the organization that could be reasons for declining customer interest.


But what are the exact causes of the problem? And what solutions can there be? 

Read more about our challenge, the consulting assignment, emerging resistance and how we deal with it

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