MEIN WEG zu anderen

Performance culture is the mental raw material of the future, which brings benefits to employees, leaders and the company alike. Corporate and management culture designed as a breeding ground for performance, processes and individual actions are result-oriented, and the path to success is hardly safer.

PCF coaching is the solution for effective and efficient adaptability in an ever-changing world. In addition, coaching has never been easier to book, more compact, more customizable, more comfortable:

  • Digital sessions of 90 minutes each
  • Needs-based selection among various top coaches
  • Success measurement via check-in and check-out

Coaching cannot be more economical and effective.

With our experts, behavioural changes and the desired learning transfer succeed right away. Because we have the right coach for every client and almost every topic. Whether leaders with extensive personnel responsibility or in a new position, high potentials as managers of tomorrow, employees at the stages of change. PCF coaching is the ideal contribution to competence and personality development.

Each session begins with thinking about results in relation to this date. It ends with implementation thinking until the next appointment. And it runs along the question: How does the coachee get to his goal achievement safest and fastest?

PCF coaching is described by users (coachees) as “atmospherically pleasant, in terms of effort, but not comfortable”. We are your partner for strategically topic-centered and/or personality-centered coaching. Location-independent. Scientifically up-to-date, closely linked to practice. Our experts come to you digitally. Each of them is a master of transformation. The direction is determined by the coachee.

17,65  .zzgl. ges. MwSt; brutto 21,00 

“MEIN WEG zu anderen” ist ein Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis, zum Ausbau Ihres Selbstbewusstseins, zur Reflexion dessen, was war; zur Planung dessen, was kommen soll.

Zielsetzung und Inhalt

Teil 2 der Video-Seminar-Reihe „MEIN WEG“

Wie begegnen Sie anderen auf Ihrem Weg? Wenn brauchen Sie auf Ihrem Weg, beruflich, privat? Orientieren Sie sich eher an stärkeren oder an schächeren Menschen? Kennen Sie Ihre Angst vor anderen?

„MEIN WEG zu anderen“ ist ein Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis, zum Ausbau Ihres Selbstbewusstseins, zur Reflexion dessen, was war; zur Planung dessen, was kommen soll.

In diesem Video-Seminar sind folgende Inhalte enthalten:

  • Seminarunterlagen als PDF-Datei
  • Video-Seminar als MP4-Datei
  • Audiotonspur des Videos als MP3-Datei


Das Video-Seminar „MEIN WEG zu anderen“ wird vollständig digital durchgeführt. Sie erhalten nach dem Kauf einen einmaligen Download-Link per E-Mail, um das Seminarmaterial herunterzuladen. Sie können somit das Seminar vollständig flexibel und beliebig oft durchführen.

17,65  .zzgl. ges. MwSt; brutto 21,00 

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