Performance culture mirror


Is performance culture growing in your company?

A performance culture is a culture in which people do not have to be driven and pressed to perform, but rather give their best out of their own motivation or inner conviction. When employees feel that it is worthwhile to work for this organization, to bring the company forward, to be part of the success, then they perform on their own.

Accordingly, a healthy performance culture is the basis for realizing the full performance potential of all employees and thus of the entire company.

The performance culture mirror measures the performance culture in your company. It was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Psychology at the University of Würzburg and validated according to scientific standards.


Measuring the performance culture

How exactly does a corporate culture have to be in order to be considered performance-enhancing?

Aspects with performance focus

Focus on success

With a high degree of focus on success, managers and employees always have the overall performance of the company in mind. They strive for growth and productivity. Employees and managers are characterized by a professional approach to work and have high quality standards. The achievements of the employees are recognized in monetary terms and experience idealistic appreciation. It is typical of a success-oriented culture that successes and milestones are celebrated.

Clarity of strategy and expectations

When this dimension is highly developed, employees know what is expected of them because responsibilities are clearly defined. This is supported by the fact that the entire organization follows a uniform and clearly communicated corporate strategy. Together with the employees, precise and realistic goals are derived that provide orientation. In addition, employees are informed about decisions relevant to them in a transparent flow of information.

Innovation orientation

Companies with a high innovation orientation see great opportunities in the further development of the company and its employees. Both managers and employees are open to new ideas and think beyond system boundaries. Old habits and processes are critically questioned in order to achieve improvements. The willingness to try something new is high, as failures are accepted as part of the development process.


Aspects with cultural focus

Trust and responsibility

Organizations and companies with a high degree of this dimension give their employees the freedom to work independently. This promotes independence and personal initiative. Managers place trust in their employees and give them the freedom to shape their own work and make decisions.

Constructive teamwork

In companies with a strongly developed constructive cooperation, collegial exchange is encouraged. Employees support each other, even across departmental boundaries. Managers give their employees constructive feedback and offer solution-oriented support. At the same time, reliability and commitment are encouraged. Employees and managers are capable of both conflict and consensus.

Employee orientation

Companies with a strong employee orientation have a high regard for their employees. They are guided by humanistic values and see each employee as an important part of the whole. Managers recognize and promote the potential of their employees. The creation of a positive working atmosphere and the promotion of employee health matters close to the heart of the company.

How do I implement performance culture in my company?


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