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Company Certificate

“Value-Based Performance Culture”

With the certification “Value-based performance culture”, organizations acquire proof that they are a company managed according to the criteria of the Leistungskultur e.V. The suitability for certification is proven on the basis of the Performance Culture Mirror (LKS 20G). The LKS 20G measurement method is divided into 10 power factors and 10 culture factors.

Performance factors: goal and strategy clarity, result orientation, customer orientation, leadership effect, role responsibility, process clarity, quality standards, cost-effectiveness, innovation, speed of adaptation.

Cultural factors: identification, values, trust, appreciation, error culture, conflict culture, learning culture, reliability, resilience, communication.

The certification is awarded in three classes depending on the result of the performance culture mirror:

Company Certificate
“Best Dynamic Organization”

With the“Best Dynamic” certification

Organization” organizations acquire proof that they are a fluidly managed company according to the criteria of the Leistungskultur e. V. The suitability for certification is checked on the basis of documents to be submitted.

Best Dynamic

certification requires the implementation of five demonstrably lived principles: Fluid dynamics, Consistent result orientation, Extensive role responsibility, Stringent process transparency, Value-oriented leadership.

Best Dynamic Organization

Fluid Organization (FLO):
The best organizational system for growth and earnings growth!

The challenges that companies face are manifold:

1. Changing customer behaviour

2. Digitalization


3. Shortage of skilled workers


4. New innovative competitors

– it is important to make decisions faster and safer than ever before

With our concept of fluid organization, we ensure that your company can change faster and more flexibly than the competition. This is achieved through performance-enhancing processes and dynamic roles. Role profiles and role scripts are more target-oriented. This strengthens dynamism, personal responsibility and entrepreneurship at all levels and ensures the highest possible change mobility of the organization.

In this way, we create the conditions for growth and future viability.

Realignment of the organization


With our specific approach to organizational development, we support medium-sized companies in professionalizing their organizational system in such a way that the achievement of their growth goals is supported in the best possible way.

Our special contribution lies in addressing “hard topics”, such as structures, processes and strategy implementation, as well as “soft topics”, such as cooperation, communication, person and leadership, as required.

Because only the simultaneous consideration of these system elements with all their interactions leads to a company growing faster than the market average.

Our specialty: Change management with consistency

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting medium-sized companies in complex change projects and creating the conditions for secure achievement of goals, in the short, medium and long term. The subject of change is not only structures and processes, but also behavior, communication, culture as well as norms and values.

We are experts in creating an accurate roadmap to improve performance. And since concepts without implementation are worthless, we accompany the consistent implementation afterwards with special passion and attention.

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