Management diagnostics

Consulting for managers

Strategy, implementation and results are an inseparable triad for us.

Whether as analysts, change consultants or coaches, we know what is important in corporate management. We understand very well the difference between board member, senior executive, manager and executive.

 We know how to correctly classify the varying degrees of responsibility and the associated challenges of board members, executives and other managers

Business minded

Our neutral view of processes and people and a feeling for the essential is your advantage. Also that we know how to influence change in organizations in a targeted way. By professionalism as an analyst (in selection and evaluation processes) we understand, in addition to technical and methodological competence, the right balance between proximity and distance.


Proximity, to make a strenuous selection or evaluation process as pleasant as possible for the participant in terms of atmosphere. Distance, in order to achieve objective results of our assessment as a neutral factor.


As consultants and coaches, we know that your time is a scarce commodity. With our consequent result orientation through re-inferent thinking, we reach the set goal very quickly. Each method we develop is individually tailored to your requirements and goals.

Management Appraisal (selection of internal/external applicants)

When filling senior or top management positions, a particularly differentiated and comprehensive picture of a candidate’s potential, competencies, values, motives, attitudes and personality is required. With our results from the MA, important decisions of the companies are on the best possible basis.


In the MA, all requirements for the candidate are specifically checked and consistently questioned. Depending on the task and objectives, the process is carried out by one or two experienced management diagnosticians to rule out any errors of observation. The MA offers the candidate the necessary discretion as well as the opportunity to present himself or herself in an appropriate setting.


·      Individual multi-dimensional actual recording

·      Duration: 4 – 8 hours

·      One or two experienced diagnosticians (depending on measurement accuracy/demand)

·      Matching function with person



  • Identification of competencies, motivation, personality and performance potential at management level, e.g. on the occasion of strategic corporate reorientation, restructuring, recruitment, succession

  • As discreet support for supervisory and advisory boards in personnel decisions at top level
  • Support of restructuring and strategic reorientation of companies by evaluating management teams

  • Change of shareholder/management with questions about the positioning of the current management for the future
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Ratings

Our approach

Together with the client, goals and concrete assignments of the target position are developed. In a competence model, the dimensions to be evaluated are explicitly mapped and jointly agreed upon. The MA uses multimodal modules and methods:


  • Processing of various diagnostic modules: Case studies, presentations, simulated interviews and questionnaires on personality and motivation profile

  • Methods for the analysis of the self-control ability in critical situations
  • Extensive, structured and requirement-based interview

  • Self image-, external image analysis
  • Working on online tools

  • Integrated, shared lunch


We communicate closely and report in detail. The written report is comprehensive and leaves no questions unanswered. We make clear and well-founded recommendations and present the further fields of action in concrete terms. Candidates receive detailed, separate feedback on strengths and development areas along the measured competencies and our recommendations.

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