Leadership Performance

Competence development

We, the SAAMAN SOLUTION, are your competent partner for the professional setup or further development of customized personnel development concepts.

You would like to …


… establish sustainable management and employee development programs?


… calibrate existing programs?


… have optimal adaptation to changing challenges in your company?

Our understanding of leadership

  • Orientation towards management models or trends does not yet make for good management work. On the contrary. People are far too individual for rigid leadership rules. Some employees seek orientation, others the path to freedom, and everyone a boss with a distinct sensitivity. 
  • The harder times are getting, the softer leadership relationships have to be designed; this means in concrete terms: Nothing is more effective than adapting to the leadership needs of the employee and leading the employee in the way he needs to achieve best or even top performance.
  • Employees do not need to be picked up, they expect to be taken care of. It is also not enough to involve employees. Who wants to lead must learn to see, hear and understand Closely connected with this are mindfulness, appreciation, recognition of potential, control of motivation.
  • Nothing is more efficient than designing leadership from a results-oriented perspective: Does the employee want to be led by responsibility, by goal or by task? Wanting to mix this up creates a time-consuming, inefficient uncertainty.
  • Leadership is the coordination of ego worlds, especially the leadership of teams. Emotions, tensions, conflicts are realities that can be overlooked, but cannot be ignored.
  • Leadership includes the ability to change perspectives. If you want to lead, you have to learn to perceive and deal with obstacles to performance, fears, blockades and longings.
  • We live in a time of increasing digitalization. This is precisely why analog leadership is more important than ever. Because nature also functions analog.

Our approach

Would you like to establish sustainable management and employee development programs in your company or calibrate existing programs and adapt them optimally to the changing challenges in your company? We, the SAAMAN SOLUTION, are your competent partner for the professional setup or further development of customized personnel development concepts.

We design and implement development programs for all management levels and for special target groups of your company. Our certified trainers and coaches combine state-of-the-art interactive learning formats with the experience of more than 10 years of management and training practice in a wide range of industries.

Our aim is to tailor competence development to the specific potential and learning goals of the participants. Executives and employees learn to use their potential expansion in the sense of a performance-oriented corporate culture.

We attach particular importance to the practical applicability of our learning formats and promote the transfer into the daily work routine in order to achieve sustainable and measurable performance improvements for your company.

Our product portfolio

  • Tailor-made learning concepts, which optimally refer to the management and employee requirements in your company
  • Optional individual competence check of the participants (initial diagnostics)
  • Promotion of learning agility, learning motivation and learning ability of the participants through modern and varied learning formats
  • Creation of opportunities for self-reflection and development of competencies critical to success such as flexibility of thought and social sensitivity
  • Securing the transfer of practice through case studies, interactive exercises and transfer planning
  • Reflective personality development of employees and managers, which has a lasting positive impact on your corporate culture

Talent Management

Find, develop and retain talent

We develop, implement and evaluate needs-based talent management concepts. We take a holistic view of talent management: Your corporate strategy and your company-specific performance culture are an important basis.

We align talent identification, retention, and promotion:

  • Your current corporate culture or a desired performance culture in the future
  • Your organizational design and the defined roles and responsibilities along the career paths

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