Construct to capture: Agility

Number of items: 70

Duration: approx. 20 minutes


  1. Agile mindset
  2. Thinking mobility
  3. Communication dynamics
  4. Interaction liveness
  5. Flexibility of action
  6. Agile willpower

Objectives and content

FAI 2.0 provides a differentiated overview of the extent of thinking and behavioral agility. Personal agility is understood as a meta-competence with several facets that can be measured on a continuum. The report contains information on the individual agility characteristics, the characteristics and requirements of the working environment as well as an assessment of the fit between the agility score and environmental requirements. This enables a reflected examination of the agility-related personality profile and behaviors and shows development opportunities to operate successfully in a dynamic and increasingly complex working environment.

Evaluation report

The evaluation report reflects the following contents:

  • Explanations of the overall agility score and the six dimensions of agility
  • Personal evaluation of the overall score and the six dimensions at a glance
  • The overall score as well as each of the six dimensions in a personal detailed evaluation
  • Systematics of the action environment
  • Complexity requirements of your workplace environment.
  • Comparison to the standard sample.
  • The fit between your agility score and your workplace environment
  • The behavioral recommendations for the environmental optimization of your working style as well as for the further development of your agility-related competence spectrum


The FAI 2.0 is carried out completely digitally. You will receive a one-time access link by e-mail after purchase. This link takes you directly to the test and can carry it out in your Internet browser. After the execution, you will automatically receive your evaluation report in PDF format by e-mail within 30 minutes.

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